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Sep 3 / directphase

Free Reggie! [Updated 4/29/12]

“My name is Vera Thomas, I am Reginald Clemons’ mother and I approve this blog.”



Mrs. Vera Thomas appears on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show for a roundtable discussion about the Death Penalty on MSNBC:

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Reggie stands in solidarity with the Family of Trayvon Martin!

“I want people to know that in my small way, I want to support the Martin Family and contribute to the awareness and help people understand that we all, big and small, feel the pain of being misclassified.” -
Reggie Clemons


* If You Are A Clergy Member or Religious Leader 

Please sign the Petition Below Urging The Governor of Missouri to Grant 

Clemency to Reggie:


***March 6, 2012

Amnesty International Hosts Mother of Reggie Clemons and the exonerated Randy Steidl


ARTICLE (3/14/12): Laura Moye, Death Penalty Abolition Campaign Director at Amnesty International, writes about visiting Reggie at Potosi Correctional Center.  Click link below to read article:


***February 29, 2012

Webinar: A Conversation with the Families of Troy Davis and Reggie Clemons


EVENT: From Troy Davis to Reginald Clemons: Abolishing the Death Penalty in Our Lifetime!

February 27th @ 6:30pm Amnesty International Death Penalty Awareness Week. Film Screening of documentary “Borrowed Time” and Panel Discussion. Panelists include: Mrs. Vera Thomas (Reginald’s Mother), Lawrence Hayes (Death Row Exoneree and founder of F.A.C.E) and Tanya Greene (ACLU Lawyer).  Thanks to all who participated in making this event a success!

*******To See Video Footage of Event Click the Link Below:


Click play button below to hear greetings from Reggie

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Reggie is an innocent man who has been on death row under extreme restrictions for 20 years. In 1991, at the age of 19 he was taken from his home by police under the false pretense that they just wanted to question him about the murders of two sisters that took place on the Chain of Rocks bridge. Despite the insistence from his mother to obtain a lawyer first, the police assured her that Reggie would be fine and would return home later that day.  He has not been back home since.

While in custody, Reggie was beaten by police for  7 hours and denied his right to an attorney! Reggie feared for his life and finally broke down and confessed to raped but he refused to confess to murder. He had faith in the legal system that he would get due process and be fully exonerated because he is innocent.

Last year, “new evidence” surfaced in Reggie’s case and was submitted for DNA testing. The evidence includes  a rape kit supposedly taken from the corpse of one of the victims. The rape kit is still being tested which has caused Reggie’s hearing to again be rescheduled. This time for March 5, 2011. According to Reggie’s lawyers, they are confident that the kit confirms what has already been established, that there is no physical evidence connecting Reggie to the crimes.